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“Creativity takes courage, but behind every performer is a beginner who fell in love with expression, storytelling, & being set free.”

Our Classes

We offer dance training for adults, children, men and women of all levels and background!

Participation in classes can provide overall improvement as a dancer and artist as well as opportunities to participate in theatre shows, concerts, cultural and corporate events and festivals.

The popularity of Gypsy dance has only continued to grow over the last few years.  Be a part of one of the latest and greatest trends in dancing! There are no obstacles to learn how to Gypsy dance in age, nationality, body shape, or physical fitness level. Under the teacher`s guidance each student will develop their own unique way to portray emotions and mood through the dance. We will disclose to you the secrets of Gypsy dancing because Gypsies are the most fun, most cheerful, and most fascinating! Their music and dance brings joy to the heart and soul. Prepare your skirts, shoes, and mood and enrol in to the Gypsy dance classes in London today!

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“If you want to challenge yourself in 2018, do it with Gypsy Dancing!”


Free taster class on the 25 January 2018!

Monday, Thursday – 7pm. Level 1

Level 1 – Beginners study basic steps, tapping, hand movements, shoulders, and working with a skirt. They also practice various combinations to popular Gypsy compositions.

Monday, Thursday – 8pm. Level 2

Level 2 – Intermediates study more complex movements: playing with a skirt, tapping, body clapping anddifferent footwork combinations of  Russian gypsy dance. A detailed study of choreography for group performances.

Monday, Thursday – 9pm. Level 2 and 3

Level 2 and 3 – Intermediate and advanced dancers. Performance group rehearsal. Invitation only. 

Contact us to book your taster class! 

Venue: Vatican Studios, Railway Arch 190, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4ET. Closest stations are Bethnal Green (Central Line) and Stepney Green (District, Hammersmith&City Lines), it is about 5-6 min walk.

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Price: £12 for drop-in class or £65 for a set of 6 classes with 10% discount.

Want to come to both classes at 7 pm and 8 pm?

£17 for each combo class 7-9 pm

What to wear in the class

Any top and training pants/leggings which allow you to move freely. Both ladies and gentlemen will also need Flamenco shoes for tapping and footwork. But if you do not have shoes yet, don`t worry, still come to the class and take any shoes with a little heel.

Book your FREE taster class on the 25 January !

We accept free taster class bookings for beginners until 25 January 2018
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