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Online Gypsy dance classes

I am sharing the information here to help people to discover more about the beautiful art of the Romany people.

Online classes

The 1st Online class is dedicated to the Gypsy walk travelling step, its technique and features.

The 2-nd Online Gypsy dance class. The basic chichotka (tapping) is one of the foundational movements in the Russian Gypsy dance.

The 3-d Online  class – Combination class.

Combination class contains the movements from 2 previous classes: The Gypsy walk and Basic chichotka, PLUS in this class you will be learning the further use and development of these movements into the combinations with other movements. You will learn the variations, a new movement and how to combine the footwork with the arms and the skirt.

3d- Combination class £7  buy it now at a discounted price for only £5 


3d – Combination class

The 4-th Online Gypsy dance class. The Classical chichotka (tapping) is one of the foundational movements in the Russian Gypsy dance.

The 5-th Online Gypsy dance class. The Angel step is a typical Russian Gypsy dance movement.

The 6th class – Combination class is coming up next week

What to wear in the class

Any top and training pants/leggings which allow you to move freely. Both ladies and gentlemen will also need Flamenco shoes for tapping and footwork. But if you do not have shoes yet, don`t worry, still come to the class and take any shoes with a little heel.

Contact us to book your Skype classes or regular classes if you live in London!

Venue: Vatican Studios, Railway Arch 190, Bancroft Road, London, E1 4ET. Closest stations are Bethnal Green (Central Line) and Stepney Green (District, Hammersmith&City Lines), it is about 5-6 min walk.

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Price: £12 for drop-in taster class

We accept taster class bookings for beginners
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