Create – teach – perform

This is Saeeda’s Story

Saeeda was born and brought up in the East. Since her young age she loved singing and dancing, which was inherited mainly from her mother, who had Gypsy ancestors. Saeeda studied at school of music and Folk dance since she was 7. There, she learnt classical, different folk dance styles including Russian Romany dance.

She chose her favourite dance styles, which are Oriental and Gypsy dances, the closest ones to her inner nature. Her gypsy part helps her to make her performances so energetic, bright and unforgettable, and pass her energy to the audience.

She is actively supported, encouraged and mentored by Russian Romany teacher, Petia Iourtchenko who represents the old gypsy dance school from the world famous Romany Theatre called “ROMEN”. Romen Theatre based in Moscow (Russia) was built in 1931, is the oldest, most famous and the only professional Romani Theatre in the world.

Saeeda also has studied at the world renowned Drumzy School of Egyptian Music and Dance of the world famous musician, composer and music arranger Hossam Ramzy. She learnt and developed oriental dance with famous dancers, great masters, choreographers and teachers, such as Serena Ramzy, Fifi Abdou, Randa Kamel, Jillina, Aziza, Sadie, Ansuya, Leyla Jouvana.

She is based in London and teaches weekly Oriental and Gypsy/Romany dance classes and workshops.

She works and performs with number of bands and venues such as Victoria and Albert Museum, Rossotrudnichestvo (at Russian Embassy in the UK), Musica Nova (International Music Academy), London Gypsy Orchestra,  Tatchodrom, Ramzy Dance Company, Richmix, Dash Arts, Lost Theatre, Rudolf Steiner Theatre, Museum of London Docklands, UK Gypsy Council, Baltic Summer Festival, Central Asian Festival at UCL.

Being one of Saeeda’s students has been an absolutely amazing experience. She is incredibly knowledgeable and pushes me to be the best that I can be. My dance skills as well as my physical fitness levels have improved dramatically since starting her classes. She is an inspiring teacher and dancer and motivates me to learn all I can about Russian Gypsy dancing!

Lamia Casey

Saeeda is an excellent teacher who has a vast knowledge in Russian Romany style of dance. The classes are full of energy and involve technique and choreography. I am very happy to learn this wonderful art from someone who really understands it!

Gisele Gregoletto

Saeeda is a teacher with many talents. She is very precise and careful teaching the steps and she takes care of each pupil, correcting and always  giving advice to improve. She is also very creative and friendly, creating an environment seriously, and at the same time enjoyable and funny and, through the various facets of this dance, she gives the possibility to everyone to fully express her personality.

Sara Paganetto

Saeeda is the truly knowledgeable and passionate teacher. In Gypsy dance class we learn from the most basic steps to the dynamic expressive movements for the choreographies!

Mikiyo Joyce

I never danced before and never learnt any music or singing. So was a total beginner when I started my journey in Gypsy dancing. I saw it many times in my life, but could not even imagine how much joy, energy and fun it can bring to your life. I am learning this style with Saeeda, who is a talented and very inspiring teacher with vast knowledge of dancing and Romany culture.

Yury Khrep

Dance group led by Saeeda is a professional group! I recently hired them to the event. There were Gypsy dancing and belly dancing. All numbers were bright, unusual, emotional, energetic and great fun. We could not take our eyes off them, wanted to watch them again and again. Beautiful colourful costumes, a lot of accessories. Even captures the fact that they dance with the audience, to make them also be a part of their performance!

I really liked the stuff, and recommend it!!!

Anzhela Razeva

Saeeda helps and guides you through the process, motivates you to get stronger and better even when you think that this is your limit. She is a great dancer and a teacher, and her dancing skills are undoubtedly masterful. I truly enjoy taking the classes which are dynamic, fun, motivational and it’s great opportunity to learn one of the most interesting and unusual dances that are out there!


Just to say thank you Saeeda for such a lovely workshop and your wonderful Gypsy dance performance on Saturday evening. You looked stunning and of course beautiful with your skirt swirling and feet moving amazingly. Those of us at the workshop couldn’t sit still as well as others too. We did enjoy ourselves and tested ourselves with all the steps and rhythms. 

Thank you again.

Sue Mutter

Thank you for such wonderful workshop, full of joy and energy. I never had such a lovely dancing experience before, just fell in love with your personality and dance.


The music, singing and dancing all added to the festive atmosphere of our celebration. Besides the high level of professionalism and skill the members of the troupe showed a genuine enthusiasm for their craft. On every level we were very pleased with our choice in having selected the Gypsy Dance UK to help us mark the 50th Birthday Party.


So full of joy and amazing energy, intricate footwork, colour and total brilliance! They brought the house down at the end of the first half of the show!